A.E.B. Amusements

About Us

Like most traveling carnival companies, we are a family owned and operated company. We consider it a special opportunity to entertain your community and friends and take extreme pride in our equipment.

We primarily operate in Eastern half of Pennsylvania, but depending upon the special circumstances we have been available to operate in other areas, such as: New York state, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.

We are also flexible when it comes to quanity, depending upon a few factors, we can supply just one ride or an entire carnival.

We do private and public events, rentals and fund raising events.
SAFETY IS our number one PRIORITY! We will never compromise anyone's safety, we are committed to providing the safest experience possible to anyone who visits our midway. Each day, prior to opening, our rides are inspected thoroughly for any issues that could be unsafe and any needed corrections are made prior to opening the ride to the public. We have at least one of our two PA Certified inspectors on site at all times.

Our patrons must do their part to help us keep them safe!
>Please follow ALL posted and verbal instructions.
>Please dress in clothing appropriate for this kind of activity, like tight fitting clothes and shoes.
>Please leave your difficult to secure objects with a friend, we want you to have a good experience, stopping a ride to find your phone or keys causes others inconvenience and a negative opinion.
When the carnival season is over our maintenance period begins. Each winter all of our rides are closely inspected for any needed repairs. In addition some rides are selected for complete reconditioning in pursuit of keeping a fresh inviting appearance on our midway.